What is Paid Guest Posting? Is it Worth Doing in 2024?

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When you hear the word: paid guest post… all alarm bells start ringing in your head… with multiple questions bombarding your brain.

Isn’t paid guest posting illegal? Shall we be talking about it openly? Is it worth spending effort in 2024?

If all these questions are buzzing in your mind, you are not alone. Once you enter into the realm of SEO, you are encountered with many such ifs and buts, and guest posting is also not an exception.

Matt Cutts’ 2014 article added fuel to this hot topic when he called guest posting as dead.

Matt Cutts’ 2014 article

But despite this heart-wrenching (for all SEOs) news, guest blogging is not going anywhere and it is still alive and thriving – stats support this fact.

Link Building stats

Around 31% of marketers agree that paid promotion is one of their cherished tactics for link building. Why? Because it leverages them several benefits.

Guest posting is not only a trick to get backlink for your website. It also plays a vital role in:

  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Enhancing relevant traffic to your website
  • Improving qualified leads and ROI
  • Boost site’s credibility and authority
  • Establish relationship within the industry

With so many perks in line, instead of asking if paid guest post opportunities are legit or not, you should focus on: What is paid guest post and how to do it right?

Let’s dig out the answer.

What is Paid Guest Posting?



“Paid guest posting is the process of getting a link from another site by writing for their site and in return getting some compensatory amount because of adding value to the third party site.”

So backlink here is an extra bonus you get along with compensation.

Many SEOs like to sugar coat this term by labeling it sponsored publications because there is a thin line between paid guest posting process and buying links. So if things go wrong, you can be landed in hot water, i.e., Google’s wrath in the form of a penalty.

Paid guest posting is different from buying links. One is a fair way of getting paid from the site and the other one is what Google has advised to stay away from: buying links.

Paid guest posting doesn’t tap on any fishy link building method, as explained by Google:

Link schemas

It does not include:

  1. Buying links
  2. Link exchange
  3. Massive article writing
  4. Tricking Google with software

So the simple answer to the question is:

“Yes, paid guest posting technique is good to take along in your 2024 SEO plan.”


But before that, don’t forget to focus on these essential paid guest posting guidelines:

Sr. Guidelines Description
1 Relevancy There should be a topical connection between written content and focus site.
2 No Manipulation Link spam or manipulation is banned as it comes under deceiving Google.
3 Natural & Contextual Linking Instead of link stuffing, focus on creating organically placed links within the content.
4 Unique and Quality Content Guest post content should be free from errors, original, and meaningful.
5 Authoritative Contributor The content should have a strong grip on the subject matter.
6 Anchor Text Use natural anchor text that shouldn’t be over optimized.


Besides these points, the question is how to do paid guest posting so that it doesn’t trip you up and shove you into the pit of bad websites.

Let’s decode the trick behind paid guest post opportunities.

Paid Link Building Tips that Really Work


Guest posting is not a simple process. It includes a number of steps and each step should be taken wisely to stay on the right path.

Here are some ingredients of paid guest posting:

what is paid guest post

Source: Refferal Rocks

It means guest post building includes writing, idealization, outreaching, and pitching it.

Let’s break down each step for an in-depth analysis.

Follow the steps below for paid blog posts:

STEP 1: Define the Purpose of Getting Paid Guest Post Backlinks


First, ask yourself why you are investing time and effort in paid guest posts. Why are you not buying paid guest post backlinks and taking a hard road of organically outreaching a site and writing quality content?

The purpose of paid guest post writing defines and shapes your further steps. So, carefully analyze these questions.

For example, if you want to enhance brand awareness, you will target a website with a pre-mature audience, visiting websites to get knowledge and find something that deems fit to their demand.

what is paid guest posting

The increasing number of guest posts visitors show that people are interested in reading quality content and they will not mind reading yours too – only if it’s worth it.

That takes us to our next step.

STEP 2: Find a Niche-Specific Blog


After stamping your goal, next, it is time to find the right blog that is not only relevant, pays money, but also agrees to publish your link too.

Getting a link from a niche-specific site is one way of giving positive signal to Google as it shows:

  1. Your backlink is white-hat, not black-hat backlink.
  2. A relevant site has linked you, so you are authoritative.
  3. People are linking to your site, so it is credible too.
  4. Backlinking also sheds light on the quality of the website.


Keep these important points in mind and start finding your prospect sites.


Unlike popular perception, many online blogs offer you a handsome amount to write quality content for their blog because they also need to feed their site quality content daily.


Here are a few ways to find paid guest blogging sites:


Way # 1: Generate the Query


Open search engine and type: your specific niche + paid guest posting sites


That is what you will get as a result:

paid guest posting sites


A huge number of guest blogging sites that let you post your legal content.


Way # 2: Make a List of Sites


Once you get a vast array of sites, next, it is time to handpick the best websites on the basis of:


  • Domain rating
  • Number of traffic
  • Number of referring links
  • Quality of content
  • Social media promotions
  • Good audience engagement


Normally, 50% of bloggers get 1-10 guest post pitches monthly, which is relatively low, considering the benefits of guest posting.

benefits of guest posting

But the trends are changing and it is becoming popular.

You can use other operational tags, such as:

  • Paid guest post opportunities
  • Paid guest blogging sites
  • Paid write for us
  • Paid guest post websites

These are examples of different variations you can use to curate a paid guest posting sites list that will help you find the real gems.

Step #3: Go Through the Guidelines


Next, buckle up your waist because it is time to get down to the nitty-gritty of the task: Reading out guidelines to write the tailored made article that qualifies all the quality parameters.

Remember this important paid link building tips that never go for low quality sites with poor reputation and low DA. Google will not not give importance to them.

All guest blogging sites give proper guidelines related to how to write the perfect guest post.

how to write the perfect guest post

Here is how ‘write for us’ guidelines look like.

Always follow the guidelines before pitching your valuable posts.

Don’t forget to focus on these points to enhance your possibility of getting your website accepted.

  • Carefully read their instructions
  • See if they have focused on following a particular layout
  • What are they offering for how many products
  • Do they have some special requirements
  • What type of proposal do they need initially
  • What’s their preferred method of contact

Following these guidelines leaves a positive impact on the guest site owner and the chances of getting accepted increase manifolds.


Step # 4: Follow Instructions to Write the Guest Post


Once you secure your position through the pitch, the next step is to get down to write your best content ever.

Follow the rules but don’t forget to keep content quality under control.

Here writing doesn’t mean combining sentences to create a mass of meaningless content. Your guest post should be:

  • Topic oriented
  • According to the guidelines
  • Powered by meaningful content
  • Engaging and interactive to gain more visitors
  • Usage of relevant keywords to rank higher
  • High quality content that follows a particular standard

You can write this type of high-quality content by going through the guidelines section of the blog that sheds light on:

guest posting guidelines

  • Which topics should you choose based on the website’s trends?
  • What type of format should be followed?
  • How to approach the web master?
  • What information should you send along with the pitch?

Once you come up with an engaging guest blog, it is your time to jump on the last step: Pitching the guest post.


Step # 5: Pitch Your Content


Remember that writing high quality content is not enough to get your guest post published. There is another hard rock step that can make or break all your effort, i.e., getting your guest post published.

Well if you have really written high-quality content, following all guidelines, you shouldn’t worry about publishing the guest post. A good pitch can do the trick.

Here is a sample of guest post pitch that can land you the opportunity with good guest post pricing.

Hi [name],

My name is [your name] and I have been following your website for a long time. I must say your content is always on-point, informative, and high-quality.

Your amazing initiative of giving a platform to a diverse group of people to show their abilities has encouraged me to write a post for your website.

The great thing is it goes well with your post [title], so I won’t mind if you link it to your site. I hope it will be a great read for your audience.

Looking forward to your next amazing blog. Cheers!



Never skip these few rules while writing a pitch:

  • Don’t go over the board like a seller
  • Be precise and to-the-point
  • Write in a casual and friendly tone
  • Answer why, what, and how points
  • Convince them they should post your content

Remember that you may have to hear a ‘no’. But it is not the end of the struggle. Keep on trying, your day will come!



Here you got it: what is paid guest posting, how it can help your business, and how to develop an amazing paid guest blogging to meet the ultimate win.

So what are you waiting for? Get down to your work. It will be hard, time taking, but will be worth it in the end.

Don’t miss out your chance to shine. Let’s fetch the benefits of paid guest blogging and stay winning!


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