How to Acquire Niche Relevant Backlinks in 2024 and Beyond

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Why do you need niche relevant backlinks and how to acquire them? Let’s find the answer to this question.

That time has gone when the SEO world used to buzz with the question: Are backlinks important for SEO?

Because after many studies and experiments, and seeing the results, we have reached the point:

  • Yes, backlinks are important for SEO
  • You can’t rank on SERPs without quality backlinks


Importance of Backlinks in SEO

Backlinking has multiple benefits that go beyond just fetching a link from another website.

That’s the reason why businesses are investing time and effort in creating valuable backlinks that really matter. Why? Because they have acknowledged the wonders of backlinks for SEO.

niche relevant backlinks

However, most people don’t know that all backlinks are not equal. Some can skyrocket your position on search engines, while others can even pull your website down to the pit.

So when you are on link building for your website, better stay safe than sorry.

For example, getting a link from a low authority website will do more damage than doing any good for your website. Google will de-rank your website or mark it spam or low quality and everything in between (something that you would never want to experience!).

That’s why there is a right and wrong method of getting niche relevant backlinks.

Here is Google’s stance about spamming:

google search results

Google wants to show the best quality search results to its users. So evidently, it cracks down on sites using unethical ways to rank their website.

Here are a few black hat link building ways that Google highlights:


  • Spammy links
  • Hiding links
  • Link exchange
  • Over optimization
  • Buying links
  • Using over-optimized anchor text

So if you want to take the ship of link building smoothly, without capsizing it, ditch these black hat backlinking ways and switch to the right path.

Let’s explore a few ingredients of a good quality backlink:

Google gives importance to these five factors while determining the results of a query:

Sr. No. Key Factors Description
1 Meaning The user’s intent behind generating a query; what he is looking for.
2 Relevance The relative relevance between content and the generated query.
3 Quality The content that seems most helpful, containing trustworthiness, expertise, and authoritativeness.
4 Usability A more accessible content, such as loading speed, mobile friendliness, and bounce rate.
5 Context Analyze country and location to find the most relevant content.


Relevance holds the central position in almost all these factors. It signifies the significance of relevance for Google.

It is also one of the factors Google analyzes while deciding the search results…

factors Google analyzes

… and the quality of backlinks.


Why Niche Relevant Links are Important?

Niche relevant links mean:

“Getting inbound links from sites that are relevant to your product or services.”

It means if you run a CBD business, then a link coming from a technology site will be insignificant for Google than a link coming from a health-related website because it will be high-quality niche-relevant backlink.

It will signify:

  • Your website is authentic enough to link to.
  • Your site has some important information.
  • People in your industry find your site credible.
  • Your site has trustworthy information.

Result? Google will consider your site as worth ranking for the specific keywords.

So no wonder relevance is a significant quality metric in determining quality backlinks.

backlinks quality

That’s why all your efforts should be centered around building niche-specific links. Gone are the days when quantity links were the main focus now quality has taken over quantity — and this trend is here to stay!

Once you know the importance of niche-relevant backlinks & geo relevant backlinks, next, your question would be how to make niche specific backlinks.

One answer to this question is: it would not be an easy feat.

Getting a niche relevant backlink, with all the quality indicators is:

  • Tough job
  • Time consuming
  • Energy draining

Don’t worry,  this blog is going to help you, here!

Let’s dig out niche targeted backlinks best practices that would land you in the good books of Google.


Strategies for Getting Niche Relevant Backlinks

After swimming in the pool of link building for a long time, SEOs have come up with some good methods to catch the big fish of higher ranking.

Here are a few niche link building tactics link builders employ to get relevant quality links.

link building tactics


1.                Guest Posting Still Works

“Guest posting means publishing high quality content on another website with a contextual link coming back to your site.”

If you have been wandering for some time in the SEO world, you would have heard that the era of guest posting is gone.

All thanks to Matt Cutts’s 2014 blog where he explicitly wrote: Hey, guest post! Your time is over.

google seo

It’s been 17 years since Matt Cutt gave this statement, but guest blogging has not gone anywhere. It is still surviving, thriving, and kicking with 12% share in link building.

Reason? Because if you are not doing link spamming and getting links from a relevant, high-quality site, you are good to go.

Above that, for oh-so-good reasons, guest posting is not only about getting backlinks. It is an awesome way to:

  • Increase site authority
  • Bring relevant traffic to the site
  • Enhance brand awareness
  • Improve ranking on SERPs
  • Get more return on investment

So guest post backlinks are like hitting a jackpot with so many guest posting benefits, but only if you take it the right way.

Find out a few ingredients of a good backlink achieved through guest posting.

Sr. No. Factor Description
1 Relevancy The site you outreach should be niche-specific to your site.
2 High DA Sites with high domain authority have more probability to rank.
3 Traffic A site with more traffic means greater chances of getting convertible leads.
4 Link Profile The site should have a diverse link profile with quality sites linking it.
5 Quality Content The quality of content determines the quality of the website.
6 Social Presence A strong social presence puts your content in front of a large audience.
7 Authoritative Contributor Content should be written by the expert of that niche.


Now you know how to measure the quality of niche relevant backlink. But how to get a niche relevant backlink.

Instead of you buying niche relevant backlinks, it is better to follow white hat link building ways, i.e., organically post content on the other site. Here is how to begin:

  1. Strategy: First, build a strong guest posting strategy that includes setting your benchmarks for the number of traffic, DA, etc.
  2. Outreach: Once you have a strategy, get down to organically fetch bloggers to put you content.
  3. Writing: Next, with good websites in your pocket, get down to write a high quality guest post.
  4. Publishing: After carefully proofreading, publish the post with your contextually placed link.

If you are still doubtful, see these stats.

link building stats

Guest posting is one of the most popular link building methods because it yields amazing results.

So don’t miss it out!


2.                Participate in Link Roundups

Link roundups are an ace method to build a powerful backlink. It might not be too popular, but when you employ it, it works.

“Link roundups are a list of the best links in a niche, published daily, weekly or monthly.”

Link roundups

Getting mentioned in a link roundup is like hitting a jackpot because you:

  • Get a link from an authentic source
  • Are mentioned in a relevant site to increase trustworthiness
  • Are mentioned in the list of the best links
  • Get an exposure to a large audience base
  • Have the opportunity to attract targeted audience to your site

With so many benefits in the pocket, it becomes easier to hit the jackpot with link roundups that somehow look like this:

backlinks roundups

Your website can see a surge in its visitors after appearing in link roundups.

But remember, these roundups contain the best article of the industry. So if you want to place your link here, you must:

  • Create a valuable piece of content
  • Write high quality content that’s worth appearing in a roundup of industry’s best content
  • Produce something that goes with audience’s taste
  • Craft content around the trending topic
  • Follow that site’s guidelines, if any

Once you are confident about your content, you can pitch it to these websites and magazines and ask for a link to stay on the top of the game.


3.                Write Something Remarkable

Content marketing is one of the most authentic and potent ways of getting valuable links. The best part is you don’t have to beg others for a link.

Your content is potent enough that other websites proudly like to link to it.

That’s why content marketing is one of the most popular ways of link building.

One of the best ways to use content marketing for link building is creating a skyscraper.

A skyscraper is 10x times more comprehensive and powerful than any other content written on the same topic.

This is a new technique that is doing great for companies.

The mantra is simple:

  • Write the high quality and valuable content
  • Build a strategy focused on increasing traction
  • Spend time and effort for creating the greatest content within the targeted niche by following the industry trends
  • Give an information, add a value, or create an edge that no one has ever covered

It is not easy to create something that ticks all these quality points. You need time and a lot of effort, but once you achieve it, you will reap its benefits for a long time.

You will get many quality backlinks without asking for them.


4.                Do a GroundBreaking Research

Tap on the ideas and subjects that haven’t been tapped before and get ready to welcome the flow of backlinks.

For example, do research on any topic, give out facts and figures, and add value to the subject matter. That’s the best way to organically get niche relevant backlinks.

Check out these stats loaded articles:

GroundBreaking Research

They will be the go-to resource for all bloggers and article writers looking to backup their link building articles.

So what happens here:

  • You create a valuable, long lasting content
  • Sort out problems of others
  • Give out something that’s hard to find elsewhere
  • Add value to the industry overall

And the result? A link magnet that stays relevant like forever.

So if you are watching any Netflix season, give it a break, and work on something that keeps on adding value to your marketing stream, even when you are gearing up to binge watch your favorite season next time.


5.                Give Out Some Free Tools

People love freebies and when these freebies actually solve their problems, they simply fall for them. That’s what happens in this niche link building technique. You can create a…

  • Calculator
  • Software
  • Tool
  • Scale

…and let people use it for free.

Just like this GoDaddy’s domain checker:

Free Tools

You can check the availability of any domain here, and that all for: FREE.

free domain checker

So just imagine the number of backlinks and traffic the site will get.

Why? Just because it helped people.

You can also dot down the same technique to get free relevant backlinks that everyone envy to get.



Backlinks are important for SEO. Now we all know that! So this enigma has been solved and dusted.

The real dilemma starts with your efforts to acquire niche relevant backlinks because they can turn into the deal breaker in your SEO world. There is a wrong and easy way and there is another the right but tough way. No matter how enticing the first option looks, never fall for it.

The latter one might be time taking, but it will yield far-fetching results that you can enjoy for a long time.

The good thing is that niche relevant backlinking is hard, but not impossible. Do an in-depth competitor analysis, find your grounds to play, and put your right foot forward with confidence – you are good to go.

Tell us in the comments below if we missed out on anything or your journey in link building. Let’s make backlinks building less of a hassle for each other and grow together.

Flying with the flocks is better than flying alone!

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