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Are you wondering what SEO is for law firms?


SEO is vast and there are countless things that make up the bulk of SEO marketing.


However, if there’s one thing that is time-consuming yet enigmatic in the world of SEO is none other but link building. And when it comes to link building activities in the specific niche of law firms, it’s definitely much more complicated then one may expect! After all, one cannot expect to rank well on Google without having backlinks so it’s just as essential as on-page SEO or technical SEO implementations.


Whether you’re a seasoned SEO specialist or you’re someone who is running a law firm and opting to perform link building for law firms on their own; in this guide, we are going to provide useful strategies.


But first, let’s understand what link building for law firms is and why is it important!


What is Link Building for Law Firms & Why is it Important?


Link building for law firms is the process of getting hyperlinks from any third-party website on your own domain. Hyperlinks are a form of endorsements which suggest search engines that your content is valuable and citation worthy. When links are acquired in quantitative numbers, it gives your website a boost in search results. The effectiveness of each of these links may vary, from link to link depending on a number of factors such as the website’s domain authority, page authority, age and trustworthiness. The whole science behind link building is to acquire enough links for your desired website so it ranks up.


How Does Link Building Help Law Firm Websites?


Link building for law firms websites has many benefits; as far as law firms are concerned, it can help lawyers grab new clients. If your law firm website is not that much popular across the Internet, link building for law firms activity will help it earn recognition within Google. You can create significant brand awareness, gain recurring income, boost domain authority, build business credibility, increase online visibility, increase referral traffic & more.


How to Start Building Links for Law Firm Websites?


If you’re just starting out with link building for law firms and you’re not that much of a seasoned professional, here are a few early bird tips for you. To begin your link building for law firms exercise, you can start with these few basics.

  1. Create Linkable Assets and Perform Outreach:

Develop valuable content on your law firm website that others find link-worthy, and proactively reach out to relevant websites or influencers to encourage them to link to your resources.

  1. Guest Post on Other Websites:

Contribute insightful legal articles to external websites within your niche, including a link back to your law firm’s website, to enhance your online presence and attract diverse audiences.

  1. Become a Source for Journalists:

Position yourself as an expert in legal matters and offer your insights to journalists. When quoted, your law firm gains credible backlinks from news articles, boosting your website’s authority.

  1. Community Mentions:

Engage with local communities, events, or organizations, and seek opportunities to be mentioned on their websites. This local recognition can generate relevant backlinks and enhance your firm’s visibility.

  1. Provide a Scholarship:

Establish a scholarship program and promote it online. Universities and educational websites linking to your scholarship page contribute to valuable, authoritative backlinks.

  1. Get Easy Wins From Free Directories:

List your law firm in reputable free legal directories. While straightforward, these entries can provide essential backlinks and improve your firm’s visibility in online searches.

  1. Discover Unlinked Mentions:

Identify instances where your law firm is mentioned online without a corresponding link. Reach out to the source and request a link to your website, maximizing the SEO value of these existing mentions.

  1. Leverage Your Contacts:

Utilize your professional network to secure backlinks. Collaborate with colleagues, clients, or business partners, encouraging them to link to your law firm’s website within relevant contexts.


What Are the Best Law Firm Link Building Strategies?


However, if you’re more of a seasoned professional and want to get in with a more precise strategy, here’s a few to help you out. Link building for attorneys can be a tiresome process, yet we can make it easier for you by providing you with some Powerful Legal Backlinking Strategies.


Intrigued? Let’s learn about them, one by one. Now some of these strategies may take some time to implement and show results; while others may help you win on Google.


Get Listed on Legal Specific Business Directories


To begin with, directories are the first line of defense for any link building enthusiast. Ask a professional and they may provide you with a ton of sources, fortunately not all of them are specific to law firms.


A few directory listings which are specific for law firms in our books at LFG include:


  1. FindLaw ( A comprehensive legal directory offering profiles of attorneys and law firms, along with legal resources and information.
  2. Martindale-Hubbell ( A long-standing legal directory providing peer and client reviews, as well as ratings for attorneys and law firms.
  3. ( A platform that allows users to search for lawyers and law firms based on practice areas and location. It also provides client reviews.
  4. Super Lawyers ( Recognizes outstanding lawyers through a patented multiphase selection process, including peer nominations and evaluations.
  5. ( A legal directory with a global reach, offering resources and information on law firms, attorneys, and legal services worldwide.
  6. LegalMatch ( Connects clients with attorneys based on their legal needs and location, providing a platform for clients to post their cases.
  7. LawInfo ( A legal directory offering profiles of attorneys, articles, and legal resources to help users find legal representation.

While these are just a handful, we have a list of many more legal directories. If you’re someone who’s starting from scratch, you will have to search them up using a good SEO research tool or Google Searches. To find your desired list, simply use search operators on Google, like +”lawyer” +”directory,” etc.

While many don’t respond back unless you hold enough credibility as a law firm, there’s no harm in writing a unique and lengthy business description and sending them out an email individually.

You never know who might feel impressed and offer you the desired spot in their directory.

NOTE: Always make sure your name, address and phone number (NAP) are consistent across all law firm directory listings. If you’re link building for lawyers, the information must match on all websites.


Setup Podcast Interviews


There are just so many podcasts out there and finding one to get your law firm featured in is as easy as it gets. Although, we agree that it takes time to pitch your expertise and do an actual appearance, the process of getting your business heard may take a while!


If you’re looking for an easy way to show yourself, you can always opt-in for It’s a PR software solution which allows lawyers to set up a profile and get the exposure they need. Then there’s Meltwater, Muck Rack, BuzzStream and Agility PR solution.


Instead of hiring a PR firm, you can opt-in for these platforms to get your podcast featured.


Searching up the right podcast can be time-consuming. However, YouTube is the best source from where you can search up some similar law firm podcasts and reach the influencers individually.


An actual pitch can often come in handy,


“Hello, I’m Sarah Johnson, a seasoned attorney specializing in [specific field, e.g., criminal law]. With a track record of successfully navigating high-profile cases, I bring a unique perspective to legal matters. I’d love to join your podcast and delve into [current legal trend or hot topic] – sharing insights that will captivate your audience. Let’s connect and explore how my expertise can contribute to the conversations on your show.”


Reach Out to Journalists & Bloggers


If you haven’t heard of it, Help a Reporter Out (HARO) is a link building service which allows you to create an account and get in touch with journalists and bloggers. There are hundreds of reporters and bloggers who are looking to feature a major breakthrough story in major publications.


As a law firm or an SEO specialist working for one, you can create an account and receive a list of inquiries from journalists. See which ones match and respond to their inquiry accordingly.


You never know which writer might feel intrigued and choose your article.

Numerous writers often seek input from legal experts for articles covering topics such as bankruptcy, civil law, and other prevalent legal issues. As an attorney, actively engaging with inquiries on platforms like Help a Reporter Out (HARO) by providing insightful and distinctive responses increases your likelihood of being quoted in prominent media outlets such as Business Insider and Forbes. This offers a valuable opportunity to showcase your expertise and insights on widely read platforms.

Here are some tips for effectively using Help a Reporter Out (HARO):

  1. Respond Quickly:

Speed matters on HARO. Journalists often have tight deadlines, so the faster you respond to a query, the higher your chances of getting quoted. Set up alerts or notifications to stay informed about relevant queries in real-time.

  1. Provide Unique Insight:

Avoid generic responses. Journalists are looking for expert opinions and insights that stand out. Craft thoughtful and distinctive responses that showcase your expertise on the specific topic. Share practical examples or case studies to illustrate your points.

  1. Be Concise and Clear:

Journalists receive numerous responses, so make your pitch concise and easy to understand. Clearly address the query, and focus on providing valuable information that directly addresses the journalist’s needs.

  1. Highlight Relevant Experience:

Briefly mention your relevant experience or expertise in the response. This helps journalists understand why your input is valuable and positions you as a credible source.

  1. Build Relationships:

If a journalist uses your input, express gratitude and be open to future collaboration. Building positive relationships with journalists can lead to more opportunities for quotes and mentions in the future.

  1. Don’t Get Discouraged:

HARO success rates can be low due to the high volume of responses. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get quoted every time. Consistency is key, and each response contributes to building your visibility and credibility.

  1. Follow Guidelines:

Read and follow the guidelines provided in the journalist’s query. Adhering to their requirements increases the likelihood of your response being considered.


Publish Link Bait Content & Guides On Your Website


One of the best ways to acquire best backlinks for lawyer websites is through publishing eye-catching content. It can be anything from infographics to a highly engaging piece.


The best way to hunt for useful content topics is through different content marketing tools. In our case, we will suggest


Buzzsumo through which we usually search up potential content pieces which are ranking. You can simply start by researching!


Find a useful blog post in that specific niche for which you’re searching and you will come across many published pieces.


Cover something similar but make sure that it adds more value to your readers. Once complete, now write an engaging clickbait to attract your target market.


Here are a few interesting examples;


  1. “The Shocking Truth About Legal Loopholes – Are You Protected?”
  2. “10 Bizarre Laws You Never Knew Existed – Is Your State Guilty?”
  3. “How to Outsmart the Legal System: Insider Tips from Top Attorneys!”
  4. “The Million-Dollar Mistakes: What Not to Do in a Legal Battle!”
  5. “From Courtroom Dramas to Real-Life Cases: Behind the Scenes of Legal Battles!”
  6. “Legal Hacks for Everyday Life: How the Law Can Work in Your Favor!”
  7. “The Untold Stories: High-Stakes Cases That Made Legal History!”



If you are wondering how to build law firm backlinks, then you’ve come to the right place.


Link building for law firms is no child’s play. It can take from anywhere then just a few days to weeks and even months. However, with the right approach, your law firm business can earn the credibility it seeks.


At Links For Growth, we help law firms across the United States grow their online presence. Whether it’s content, casino link building, Link building for SaaS companies, SEO marketing, or link insertions, we help clients with law firms to earn top spot on Google!


Need to come up with a proven marketing method – we would love to hear from you!



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