International Link Building: A Guide for Your Path to Global Success

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When you can sail in the ocean, then why choose a river? 

That’s the whole mantra behind international link building.

If you are in the SEO world for some time, you will already know the importance of link building. It can change your online game for good if taken the right way. It is more than a bridge between two sites – a binding force that transfers link juice from one site to another.

However, as every link is not the same, similarly, every link building process does not fetch the desired results. The link building approach can make or break your online success story – like in local link building.

So, this blog is going to give a deep insight into the world of international link building services and how they can catalyze the dominance of your online presence.

What is International Link Building?


Link building means sending an organic link from one authority site to a low authority to enhance its visibility and reputation.

But dynamics change when you go for targeting a global audience.

So international link building service outreach global websites with a diverse audience base to put the website in front of the right customer base.

What is international link building

You also get the chance to shine on global search results. How? Well, when you get a link from different countries’ domains, search engines take it as a signal of your global reach. Result? An easy ticket to higher ranking on international search engine ranking.

The changing communication and business dynamics have opened new realms of exploring international markets. 

Let’s explore international SEO, why you need it, and how an international link building approach can give you a major break-through.

How International Link Building Works


International link building basics might be different from simple link building, but it focuses on achieving the same goals; however, on a broader level.

Before exploring what is the importance of link building, let’s explore the whole science behind international SEO link building.

All international link building companies have a special, separate section.


how international link building works


The reason behind it breaks down into three essential scenarios:

  • How search engines work
  • How your website seizes the upper hand
  • How Google determines which website should rank higher

How Search Engines Work?


If you want to make strides globally, you need a customized international link building solution that involves:

  • Step # 1: Google uses algorithms to crawl a website to understand what it is about
  • Step # 2: It picks up different signals to rank a website on SERPs
  • Step # 3: Links are also a signal for Google, showing credibility and trustworthiness of the site
  • Step # 4: Google considers links as a signal to decide the SERPs fate of a site


How Search Engines Work?


Google considers different aspects of a link… 

  • From which region it is coming
  • Which language it is choosing to showing any search result
  • Which sites are linking to the linked site
  • Quality of content on the page

…before considering the weight-age of the linking site and ranking it.  


serving search results


For example, attracting customers from different regions and multilingual sites shows Google your penetration in the global market and it ranks your site in the global search results.


Importance of International Link Building


Once you understand how search engines work, it is crucial to dive deep into the benefits of International SEO. 

  1. Global Audience Reach


Sticking to the local market is fine if you are doing well. But when you can eat a bigger piece of cake, then why stick with small pastries. That’s where Links for You helps.

Increasing your global position is a good chance to:

  • Capture untapped sections of your potential clients
  • Outgrow from the domestic borders
  • Expand your business globally
  • Become an international global brand
  • Increase ROI with more customers


For example, if you hire link building services London, UK, your website will start appearing in the search results of UK’s users. You will automatically start rolling your identity in a new market.

But remember that English is not the only website on the planet.


Global Audience Reach


So, do native guest posting in the local language to help locals understand your language. It brings audiences from different regions under your umbrella of global audiences.


  1. Improve Relationships within the Industry


Being a competitor doesn’t always mean being in a state of war. You can also build good relationships with other folks within the industry and seize opportunities to collaborate and show mutual cooperation. 

That’s where link building Service Poland takes you closer to your Polish audience and builds a strong relationship with webmasters across the border.

Building relationship with the right people opens door for:

  • International collaboration within the industry
  • Do a hole in the wall to stay relevant within the industry
  • Never miss new and emerging industrial trends
  • Present yourself as a thought leader on a large scale
  • Do studies, research and surveys together to add value

These are a few reasons that make international link building for SEO more than an SEO technique – something that gives your business a 360 degree coverage.

Tailor your international digital PR strategy and you will start seeing results within a few days.

  1. Welcome Traffic from Different Regions


If you are getting good local traffic, it means you have penetrated the fabric of the local market firmly. Great! But isn’t it better if your website starts getting traffic from other parts of the world? 

For example, link building services India land you on local websites with local traffic that potentially takes you one step closer to achieving your global reach desire.

That’s why guest posting is the widely used multilingual link building method.


Welcome Traffic from Different Regions


Diverse traffic flow helps in:

  • Establishing credibility and authority
  • Presenting a brand as a solution to customers’ pain points for a better relationship
  • Generating more convertible leads
  • Giving signals to Google of the page’s relevance
  • Getting opportunities to penetrate in different markets
  • Only acquiring relevant traffic instead of jaywalkers

The referral traffic improves the credibility score of your site and Google finds your site relevant for different regions, increasing your reach.

Bigger the chunk of traffic, more the chances to meet your targeted customers, happily ready to become your lead.

  1. Increase Organic Rankings


Recall and think how many times you go to the next page of the search engine after generating a query? A few times? Mostly? Never? Well, your target audience also doesn’t like going to the second page.

The search traffic mostly sticks to the first page of SERPs and the 25% of traffic goes to the first search result. 


Increase Organic Rankings


Lower the site ranks, less will be its chances to get traffic and leads.

That’s where link building enters the frame.

For example, the best link building services in Belgium help you get backlinks from local German sites as a vote of confidence for Google. Or link building services New York build local links to give your site an E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritative, and Trustworthiness) certificate from Google.

By increasing your site’s visibility to multiple local search results, you put your website higher in international search results too.

  1. Improve Brand Exposure Internationally


100 is greater in amount than 25 – it is simple Mathematics that replicates brand exposure as well. It is good to see more folks lingering on your website or crowding your local store.

Internal SEO link building paves the path for the crowd as it increases the brand exposure to a global audience.

With brand exposure come greater chances of interaction with your site as users share it with others, automatically improving your brand’s global standing.


How to Build International Backlinks for SEO?


Once you know why international link building is important and think that you are ready to scale your business, next comes the turn to know how to do it. 

There are good, better, and the best link building ways that give the maximum benefits. Here are a few international link building strategies to help you mark the international presence successfully.

  1. Understand Your Audience


Just like other forms of marketing, SEO can’t work without understanding the audience – significantly while going for global reach.

It is also a great opportunity to enhance your conversion to 80%.


Understand Your Audience


However, the desire to go global brings its share of hardships in the form of handling and understanding multicultural audiences with diverse values, norms, needs, and behavior. That’s why you should expand your vision for understanding the audience.

Here are a few tips to expand your understanding of the audience:

  • Define: Give your audience a definition. It will clarify the picture of target customers in your mind.
  • Common Point: Find out a point that makes your audience a single entity despite being spread to different areas.
  • Needs: Unearth the needs of these people to build a strategy that fits a wide audience.
  • Connection: Work on the channels of communication and how to develop meaningful connections.


  1. Analyze Competitor’s Links


The best thing about advancement in the SEO world is that there are various SEO tools that can give a sneak peek into your competitors’ SEO strategy. And guess what? You can replicate their strategy or find gaps to give your audience an edge.

So once you plan to expand your business footprints globally, find out other businesses competing against your target keywords and see what they are doing to propel their global dominance. Build your strategy accordingly.

  1. Target International Sites


If you target LA’s local sites, you will only get audiences mainly living in Los Angeles. However, if you target international websites that attract a global audience, you can fulfill your dream of going global.

But while searching websites don’t forget to look out for these points:

  • Check out the domain popularity to find out who else links to it
  • Find out the domain authority to ensure you get links from a quality site
  • Figure out the content quality of the potential site
  • See the topicality of the site
  • Avoid websites with poor link profile
  • Find out inbound and outbound link ratio

Once you follow these multilingual link building tips, it will help a lot in getting international visibility.



International link building is a great opportunity to get the most out of global connectivity. It penetrates different markets and brings a diverse audience base for your business. However, it is only possible if you follow the right way. 

Link building depends a lot on how you approach it. If you are on the right path, following the best SEO practices, global domination becomes a lot easier and more evident.


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