How to Get Featured in Top Tier Publications?

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Want to up your online game by getting featured on top tier publications?


Whether you’re a marketing pro or run an online business, building authority and reaching a bigger audience is the goal.


But here’s the real talk – grabbing the attention of journalists and editors isn’t a walk in the park. It takes continuous effort, research, and pitching.


It’s no cakewalk, trust us.


Getting featured isn’t just about being mentioned here and there. You’ve got to craft a story that not only gets you noticed but also builds your street cred.


As people start reading your stuff, they start recognizing the value you bring to the table. And when they see you’re the answer to their problems that means more sales and some killer partnerships for you.


Are you a business owner itching to share your awesome story?


Dreaming of hitting the big leagues like Forbes, The New York Times, Washington Post, or Wall Street Journal? We’ve got the lowdown on the best tips in this article!


Let’s dive in and get you on the road to feature fame.


How Do You Get Featured in Top Tier Publications?

Hunting Up Your First Journalist!

You can start by searching existing publications and websites covering topics related to your business. For example, if you run a popular hair salon, your aim should be to get featured in prestigious outlets such as Forbes or The Washington Post.

You need to understand that journalists at some of the top tier publications are always juggling through tight deadlines. They have submissions coming from a wide range of diverse topics and they are quite under pressure. Even then, they are looking for compelling stories and if your brand tells one, it may stand out, they may consider publishing it, and if it’s exceptional, you might even land a spot in their website’s featured section.

You can find most reporters on social media such as Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook. These platforms are usually free so you can easily connect with them. For example, you can make use of the search function on social media platforms like search, “hair salon editor” or “hair salon journalist”.


Mastering the Art of Pitching, Expanding Your Network & Submitting Unique Content!

Did you know that over 80% of PR professionals struggle to get into the A-list club? But don’t worry, there are some steps you can take to increase your chances of success.

Firstly, it’s important to craft a pitch that is both jaw-dropping and mind-blowing, so that editors can’t resist it. Secondly, building connections with industry influencers, journalists, and editors is crucial. You may even want to consider winning and dining with them to establish a strong relationship.

Finally, it’s important to showcase your unique skills and expertise by creating exclusive, eye-catching content that they won’t find anywhere else. By following these steps, you’ll be well on your way to grabbing that golden ticket and achieving media stardom.

Who knows, you may even end up in major publications!


Aim to Build Personal Connections with the Journalist

When it comes to getting coverage in top-tier publications, establishing a personal connection with journalists is highly important. A way of doing this is by finding journalists you admire or those affiliated with publications you aspire to feature in, and following them on social media platforms like Twitter, Threads, and LinkedIn. These channels often serve as spaces where journalists share articles they’re working on and may seek sources or product samples. It’s essential to be well-versed in these avenues.


However, it’s important to take a strategic approach when reaching out to journalists. Instead of immediately promoting your product, engage in the conversations they participate in on social media, building a rapport with them. By becoming a familiar presence in their online interactions, you position yourself as a valuable contributor. This way, when they seek assistance for a story, they already recognize you, and you’re not just a stranger vying for their attention.


When you make the effort to genuinely connect with the customers, you can expect the best results! So, if you ask us if it’s worth taking the time to build relationships with journalists and establish yourself as a valuable resource in your industry; the answer is a definite YES!


It’s All About How You Word Your Content!

If you want to land in the top-tier publications, and at the same time, increase your chances of success, the recipe is easy! Just research the required keywords and relevant topics, look at which publications are covering similar topics or trending on the same keywords, then reach out to them individually.


Next, write contextually appealing content and make sure you only input relevant information. Your content is supposed to be the game changer and it has to be on-point yet interesting. The right words and how you put them is what will open your pathway to success. You can give your stories some creative angles and the more creativity you add, the better will be your pitch to the journalists.


Making Use of Journalist Inquiry Services

An easy way to find journalists who are looking for sources or quotes for their particular articles is by making use of the journalist inquiry services. Journalist inquiry services are platforms which allow writers to connect with journalists. Usually, journalists are hunting for industry insights & relevant news from top tier news outlets. They often come across business owners and similar people who can provide them with assistance.


Some of the popular journalist inquiry services available are ResponseSource and HARO (Help a Reporter Out). These are a few handful platforms which allow readers to subscribe and receive requests. Based on whatever their respective niche is, they can easily pitch a journalist with a valuable insight from the industry.


The only challenging bit is that using such services requires a bit of skills and strategy.


You are supposed to be responsive and have some valuable information which you can present to a journalist upon request. You also need to craft a compelling pitch that can catch the journalist’s attention and convince them to include you in their article.


Don’t Miss Out on the PR Opportunities

Getting your business in top-notch publications isn’t just about bragging rights – it can seriously boost your website’s credibility and open doors to new opportunities.

Reaching out to PR opportunities means increased sales, more clients, better rep & new partnerships!

However, riding the PR wave takes a bit of planning. You’ve to set clear goals, map out a strategy, and keep track of how things are going. Tools like Google Analytics, BuzzSumo, or Mention can help you track the traffic, engagement, and vibes your media features bring in.

Stay tight with the journalists and editors who gave you the spotlight. Send them a thanks, share their articles on your socials, or drop some extra insights for their future stories.


This keeps the relationship warm and might just land you more features or referrals to other media folks. PR game strong!


How to Get Featured in Forbes?


How to Get Featured in Forbes


If you’re wondering about getting featured on Forbes and how to get a backlink from Forbes, then there are different ways to get your unique story published. Forbes is usually a place where you will find featured stories from the VP of Marketing, entrepreneurs, and business owners sharing their journeys.

Earning a spot on Forbes and securing a backlink is a major accomplishment, often achieved through joining the exclusive Forbes Council. This invite-only community is a gathering of top industry leaders and executives. Council members can contribute articles and thought leadership content to Forbes, creating a pathway to feature on the platform and obtain valuable backlinks. By consistently delivering high-quality content and establishing yourself as a thought leader within the council, you boost your chances of getting recognized on Forbes. This recognition not only offers exposure but also adds significant credibility to your profile in the business world.


How to Get Featured in Harvard Magazine?

How to Get Featured in Harvard Magazine


If you are planning to publish an article in the Harvard Magazine, you must first send a query before submitting the article for publication. Although it may seem like a tedious task, the screening process can help you determine if your written piece is worth publishing on such websites. Moreover, it will provide you with early feedback on your article idea, letting you know if something similar has already been approved and published. If that is the case, you may want to consider featuring a different article.


Harvard Magazine has established three main journalistic principles that authors must adhere to. These principles are objectivity, fairness, and completeness. Objectivity requires authors to present the facts without personal bias or opinion. The article should inform the reader, rather than persuade them to a particular point of view. Fairness requires authors to present all sides of an issue and give each perspective equal weight to allow readers to make informed decisions for themselves.


Completeness requires authors to provide all the information that readers may need to understand the issue. This can include background information, historical context, or examples.


If all goes well, your article may get accepted and your article may get an approval to be published.


How to Get Published in the New York Times?

How to Get Featured in the New York Times


To publish your article or success story in the New York Times, you first have to create a piece that’s engaging and interactive. Once you’re truly satisfied with your written piece, it’s time to send it to the New York Times. Now head to the page on the submission page on The New York Times and click, “Submit an Essay for Consideration” present right at the bottom. Now, fill out all the necessary information such as a brief outline, an excerpt of your article, and a compelling description of your essay, and submit it at [requiredaddress] with “My Submission is Attached” in the subject line.


This is one of the top ways to get published in the New York Times.


Just double-check and make sure all the information is correct.


How to Get a Backlink from Website?

How to Get a Backlink from Website


The process of getting a backlink from the BBC website is pretty much the same as any other website discussed above. You will have to start by writing a compelling post and then submitting it at the relevant editorial. You can search up the relevant editor’s email address and then reach them out individually as well after sending them an email. For example, is responsible for publishing articles in your specific niche, so once you mail him your post, you can also drop him a casual reminder at John Doe’s Twitter account or LinkedIn or anywhere else on social media.


If you’re wondering how to get backlinks from high authority news sites, then BBC News is just one of such places from where you can get a powerful backlink for your web.


How to Get Published on Mashable?

How to Get Published on Mashable


If you’re wondering how to get featured in website, there’s a sneaky way and then there’s the normal way. The sneaky way is to write for publications which are syndicated by Mashable such as American Express Open Forum or Businessweek, etc. Since, getting your post featured on Mashable as a columnist can be a bit challenging but if you’re already featured in different locations, especially syndicated partners, your piece will surely catch the eye of a Mashable reporter.


Once you’ve found the relevant reporter for your specific niche, it’s time to send them a perfect pitch, one that engages and convinces them to take action. Journalists usually are swarmed with publication requests in DMs and emails so they don’t go through every post thoroughly. They just skim through your submission and if they find it worthy enough, they might give it a read. So make sure to do proper research and then create a compelling one before sending a shout-out to a reporter on social media.


How to Get Featured on Entrepreneur?

Now you may be wondering how to get featured on Entrepreneur; then don’t you worry, because if you want to do it yourself, all it takes for you is to launch an account on their official website. Take your time to submit your story idea on their editorial feature and wait for one of the team members to respond.


The reviewing of your story can take some time, but once they determine the suitability of your content, they will eventually publish. A great story never misses out on a person’s view & lands you that perfect spot!


Similarly, if you’re wondering how to get a backlink from bloomberg, the process is pretty much straightforward and the same. All you have to do is find that sweet spot to reach out.


How Significant is the Pitch for Getting Featured in Top Tier Publication?

Believe it or not, but your pitch is among the most important elements in getting yourself listed as a top tier publication. It serves as the initial introduction of who you are, what your business is about & what value are you bringing on the table. It also shows whether your idea or content is going to be accepted or not.


When it comes to pitching your content to editors or decision-makers at a publication, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Firstly, your pitch should leave a positive first impression and this can only be achieved if it’s compelling and attention-grabbing. Moreover, it’s important to clearly communicate the relevance and value of your content to anyone who is reading, as well as demonstrate an understanding of your work’s tone, style, and target audience.


Secondly, you need to make sure that your pitch is clear, concise, and well-structured. This makes it easy for busy editors to access key information and sieve your request from the dozens they receive every hour. It’s also your chance to establish your credibility and showcase your expertise on the topic, which may eventually increase the chances of your content being accepted.


To stand out from the crowd, your pitch should convey a unique angle, perspective, or fresh take on a familiar topic. Finally, it’s essential to present yourself professionally by using proper grammar and spelling and maintaining a respectful tone. A successful pitch can not only lead to your content being accepted but can also open doors for future collaborations with the publication.


How to Increase Your Chance to Get Featured in Top Tier Publication?

Do Your Research – To begin with, carry out the necessary research that will help you build the base of your article. Once done, seek some similar pieces that are already published on the Internet and see how you can add value to your piece. You may want to create a piece that’s unique and encompasses useful information. It will eventually increase your chance of getting featured and ranking on Google.


Do a brainstorming session. Check where you can find more relevant information. When you learn new information, compare it with the old one and survey which offers the most value for readers.


To understand how to get backlink from premium websites requires a bit of focus and resilience.


You can also explore social networks, and statistics websites for insight or even explore other people’s previously researched articles to gain insight. Another way is to create a poll and ask the right questions.

Create the Hook – When thinking up an idea for your unique content piece, it’s important to come up with a useful hook. The hook is usually placed in the headline and comes in handy later when you’re pitching.

Just like you did your research for the piece, you can do the same research around the topic and find useful headlines. Give yourself a chance to come up with some great hooks. It can include a punch line, opening dates, popular events, or something else that is equally interesting.

Create the Pitch – Once you have your list of contacts organized, next is to come up with a workable pitch for your story. Your pitch is important as it introduces you and the key hooks of your story.

The process requires testing & playing around with what you’re pitching.

Here is a sample pitch to help you understand how to pitch to customers:

Subject:  New Research Unveils Surprising Top Destinations for Over 50s

Hi [Editor’s Name],

Happy Tuesday! I trust you’re well.

Just wanted to share our latest findings from the Golden Bar Travel Forum, revealing the top destinations for over 30s. After your insightful piece on XXX, I thought this might catch your eye.

Japan claims the top spot, with Germany and Italy close behind, but the US and Australia didn’t make the cut in the top 20—quite a twist!

Explore the full results and details of our research [Insert URL].

Would love to hear your thoughts on this, and if you need more info, just let me know.




Don’t Fall Back! Keep Pushing Until You Win

Not every piece you whip up and put out there is going to be a slam dunk. That’s just the way the cookie crumbles in the creative game of getting yourself featured in top tier publications.

But check it, if you stick to the suggestions we laid out, you’ll consistently see some wins every 2 to 3 projects. And when you hit that sweet spot, don’t just sit back – go all in and hustle even harder.

Nailing down a winner can be a real grind, so once you strike gold, cast your net wide and hunt down more potential targets. Keep that outreach vibe going strong.

Do all that, and you’re gonna rack up a bunch of killer top-notch links for your site.

That’s the secret sauce to keep your SEO game strong way down the road.




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